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abandoning when she was teeth in Vietnam

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abandoning when she was teeth in Vietnam Advantage The color of teeth is as natural as natural teeth Absolute biological compatibility Completely cut by cloning machine for absolute accuracy Veneer porcelain Porcelain veneer is a thin layer of porcelain placed on the outside of the aesthetic teeth to improve the appearance and color of the teeth, bringing beautiful teeth like. Porcelain veneer structure consists of 2 layers Class of porcelain inside The outside layer Porcelain veneers do not have to interfere much with tooth tissue minimize tooth grinding Natural beauty Disadvantages High cost The teeth have been designated porcelain veneer There is a risk of cracking, veneer grinding when eating hard Restoration of teeth, scream, minor or make aesthetic. In the case of crowded teeth, crowded, tilted, variegated, dental restorations to reproduce the appearance of the teeth for a uniform and aesthetic with high teeth..

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Advantages of dental implant to overcome the disadvantages of removable dentures and bridges are not available:

Aesthetic porcelain crown What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam
Do you feel lack of confidence in daily communication when teeth are deviated or dark color? Want to have bright smile and strong teeth?
With the development of aesthetically pleasing dental technology, you can be confident when your oral health problems improve, your teeth become evenly matched and the doctor’s intervention, color Your teeth can be improved. In addition, the improved dental bristles provide a glossy, regular white teeth that is no longer a dream. Improved chewing function.

Cosmetic teeth include the following Metal porcelain teeth
The structure includes Core layer (ribs) on the inside with dental alloys Ceramic cover outside for natural beauty, eat chewing good
Advantage: Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam
– Low cost
– Good chewing power
– Easy to operate, fast finishing time (2-3 days)
Disadvantages Low aesthetics due to long-term black glaze The inner layer is oxidized in the oral environment Old technology. Dental porcelain teeth are made entirely based on the technical skills of the technician Titanium porcelain teeth The structure includes: Dental tourim in Vietnam
The inner core (ribs) with titanium
+ Ceramic cover outside Advantage: Due to the intrinsic titanium, which has a biodegradable inertia with tooth tissue, it does not cause oxidation. Titanium is a widely used material in the medical industry such as bone, artificial root, convex femur Good chewing power Durable
– Use old technology. . Titanium teeth are created entirely based on technical skills of the technician.
Ceramic porcelain teeth (porcelain teeth)
Cercon is the number one dental porcelain brand in the world.
Porcelain cercon materials create teeth that meet the strict requirements of difficult clinical cases Do not hurt other real teeth. Prevent bone loss, keep your jaw will not go away and face will not be deformed. Feeling confident and confident like never losing your teeth and just like your real teeth.

Dental implants do not make you feel uncomfortable like many other dental treatments. Dental implants are much softer than spitting a tooth or grinding teeth to make bridges. Dental implants can follow you throughout your life. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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