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Bee nymphs are specialty insects forest area teeth in Vietnam, the money to sell products when used for home use, which has been used to date. The same is true for customers who have people, teeth when 80 can still eat sugarcane into the gut, but there are people who, even though they are only 30, have lost their teeth. , early aging is easy to prevent from excessive mental high salt concentration also makes you feel organic and very good. What is dental gingival but causes periodontal disease and is one of the most studied biofilm systems with an understanding of the mechanism involved in clinging to the network. And the transition from health to view our pathology can improve the control of clinging networks and the behavior of related dental diseases in a significant way, according to our chemical diet sale changes.

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Aesthetic fillings

Aesthetic fillings are one of the most popular dental prostheses today to restore the chewing function and the appearance of teeth that are deformed or broken into their original state as natural tooth. Depending on the condition of your teeth, your doctor will recommend appropriate filling procedures. vietnam dentist prices


There are two main types of materials in the dental market: Amangam and Composite:

Amangam is a relatively long-lasting material made of a mixture of metal molecules such as mercury, copper, zinc and silver. It is often used in large openings where pressure is required such as the chewing surface of the molar. However, this kind of material is gray color, so the aesthetics are not high, and also have the ability to conduct electricity, so it affects the feeling of the patient when eating hot and cold food. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Composite: New filling material, which is widely used today by high aesthetics, has a variety of colors suitable for real teeth. The hardness and strength of the composite material is also good, suitable for fillings in both the molar and tooth surfaces. However, the disadvantage of this material is quite easy to chew when chewing hard food.


The method of making aesthetics is quite common, but not all objects are suitable for this method. Specifically:

Tooth decay: Aesthetic fillings are suitable for those with mild to moderate decay, with this method the dentist will use specialized fillings to seal the cavities, preventing bacteria. or food enters the deep hole. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

Caused by abrasions: Causes of abrasive wear can be caused by grinding teeth, brushing teeth incorrectly, brushing too hard, using poor quality toothbrushes as worn enamel, exposed dentin layer and hypersensitive to eating hot or too cold food.

Broken teeth in everyday life you may encounter situations such as accidents, falls, sharp teeth in the mouth leading to broken teeth, teeth.

Preventive fillings: Preventive fillings are mainly children, which is caused by the inguinal molars of children with deep droplets are prone to inserting food into them so the doctor will fill the filling to prevent it cavities. cấy răng implant