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the capital’s capital. Photographs The tooth in Vietnam

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the capital’s capital. Photographs The tooth in Vietnam? cosmetic porcelain crowns Today, with much more modern technology, the care oral beauty is a very urgent need for everyone. Solutions like aesthetic braces, aesthetic porcelain crown are extremely popular young people. Let’s find out why. What is porcelain aesthetic crown? Vietnam implant dentistry  It is a method of restoring, improving the damaged part of teeth, damage … By grinding the teeth for defective teeth. Then use porcelain teeth to grind outside teeth. The porcelain teeth have the same shape, size and color as real teeth. The porcelain teeth are firmly fixed with a dental gel. After the porcelain crown, you will have beautiful teeth, shiny natural. Safety dental implant surgery in Vietnam Tartar is the main cause of frequent gum bleeding around tooth, so it is best to visit your dentist every 4-6 months for a dentist to remove the tartar.

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At the same time, patients will need to perform a number of tests such as reactive anesthetics, blood clots, bleeding blood, peripheral blood cells to eliminate persistent bleeding during and after spit.
WISDOM TOOTH EXTRACTION What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam
Before the information about dangerous complications and unfortunate cases occurred after wisdom tooth extraction, many people feel fear, would rather suffer, but refuse to go to the dentist to remove.
However, the wisdom tooth deviated for a long time will lead to inconstant consequences such as defecation, gingivitis, gum infection, even causing jaw bone tumors.Patients will have chewing teeth right away without having to wait months like conventional implants.

Wisdom tooth extraction is only a simple minor surgery but still has to ensure the full implementation of rigorous surgical procedures.
Step 1: Clinical examination and taking X-ray.
Step 2: Creating a treatment plan.
Step 3: Anesthesia area needs to be extracted.
Step 4: Perform extraction: Remove any obstruction and remove the tooth
Step 5: Clean up the spit hole, stop the bleeding. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam
After the wisdom tooth extraction, pain, bleeding or swelling is normal. However, for quick healing, you need to follow the dentist’s instructions.
1. Apply cold and rest for the first 24 hours
2. Avoid eating hard, hard foods
3. Do not spit heavy and strong
4. Do not rinse your mouth for the first 6 hours, avoiding the risk of bleeding
5. Do not chew gum, smoke, drink alcohol
6. If you have high fever, lymphadenopathy, or pus in the pulp, go to the dentist’s office for a follow-up visit and have an appropriate treatment plan.

All on 4 Dental Implant Process at I-DENT Dental: Dental tourim in Vietnam

Step 1: Check your general health and oral health.

Step 2: CT scan.

Step 3: Upper and lower jaw sampling, Scan function and 3D joints on software designed on the computer.

Step 4: Implant Design All on 4 on 3D software, from which to extract, send to laboratory design guide trough surgery, and design dental restoration by CAD / CAM.

Step 5: Implement the All on 4 implants based surgical guide troughs, through design with modern techniques available should the surgery is very fast and very high precision.

Step 6: Prosthodontics entire upper jaw implants were implanted. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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