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When he and his colleagues investigated the case tooth loss Vietnam

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When he and his colleagues investigated the case tooth loss Vietnam, If the banana archaeological site is included in the conservation list, it must be included in the general archaeological master plan of Hanoi. Which we do not currently have. Previously, Ha Tay province has handed over this land to businesses, so it is now difficult to recover the archaeological site. However, Tien said he would propose to TP to consider preserving part of the Banana Garden archaeological site.Only the first inhabitants of Hanoi are wiped out . Exhibited at Banana Garden Associate Professor I came to work in the archaeological site of Banana Garden since 1980. Later excavated archaeologists have shown that this is a typical relic of Dong Dau culture. Archaeologists highly appreciate Banana Gardens in the research system. Keeping this archaeological site would have great significance for long-term research.PG said that every vaccination center must ensure equipment, facilities and human resources. The injection, examination and counseling must be professional.What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

The optimal solution to overcome tooth loss

How to classify implant teeth

+ Implant in the bone membrane: implant post placed directly into the jaw bone. When the tissues around the implant heal, it is necessary to have a second surgery to attach a cylinder to the first implant. Finally, the dentures will be mounted individually, or in groups on a bridge, a denture.Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

+ Implants under the bones: Includes metal frames placed on the jaw bone, just below the gums. When the gum tissue heals, this part of the gum will attach to the jawbone. The pins attached to the frame will be penetrating the gumline. And as with implants in the bone membrane, dentures will then be placed on these pins.

Where can dental implants?

+ Bone enough for implant. Implant: After extracting the tooth if not to replace the denture immediately, the jaw bone will go away until a time when there will not be enough thickness to place the implant. The appropriate time to place the implant is after the extraction of teeth for 2-6 months. However, with the development of modern medicine, in the case of long lost teeth, the jaw bone atrophy is shrunken, the doctor can still graft the artificial bone to compensate for missing bone, after That implant can implant you as normal.Dental tourim in Vietnam

+ Good oral hygiene, no cardiovascular disease, diabetes, acute hepatitis, bone disorders, no tobacco addiction, no grinding teeth.

It takes time to treat and care for the teeth after the implant. After implanting into the jaw bone, it takes a period of 3-6 months to integrate into the jaw. After the implant is firmly fixed, the dentist inserts the denture.

Dental Implants

Because the crowns on the implant stick to the jawbone, they will be a firm grip on artificial teeth. Implants and bridges attached to the implant head will not slip or move in the mouth – a great advantage that you can naturally eat, when speaking. It is this tightening that makes the dentures and bridges – as well as crowns on the implants – look more natural than conventional bridges or dentures.

For some people, conventional bridges or dentures do not provide the comfort they cannot even carry, because of the pain, the bad and crude jaw. Implant implants can overcome all these shortcomings, so this method becomes the best solution for missing teeth.

Advantages and disadvantages of dental implant


+ Do not grind teeth, tooth pulp as the bridge

+ Prevent bone loss due to bone loss. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

+ Avoid the discomfort of removable dentures (loose, entangled, poor chewing function …)

+ Like real teeth in terms of function and aesthetics, durable, convenient, comfortable.


+ Price is not really suited to the economic conditions of many people today.

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