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you drink too much excess sugar can teeth in Vietnam

Ngày đăng: 2018/12/11 at 6:52 Sáng

you drink too much excess sugar can teeth in Vietnam, dental restorations: If customers wear porcelain teeth, then after about 5-10 years, porcelain teeth will be blackened with gingiva because the metal inside porcelain tooth is oxidized. Depending on the level, customers will have to overcome by repairing the new porcelain teeth. Improper care of porcelain teeth: food, plaque that is not cleaned gradually will accumulate producing bacteria that causes gingivitis and is one of the causes of dental porcelain blackened teeth.  Part of the children are familiar with the dental examination is largely due to the level of doctors as well as the friendliness of health staff here. In addition, the examination was very fast and effective, so when the child went to the doctor once, absolutely no fear at the subsequent visit.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho How does a baby swollen his or her gums teeth

What should a baby swollen with gums?

In the case of her daughter as what she said, she may be suffering from tooth decay and progress to gum disease. This is a serious disease with the child’s oral health and it is also common. The cause of the disease is mainly due to poor oral hygiene. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Regular and irregular brushing of the teeth is the root cause of tooth decay and gingivitis in the baby. In addition to the cause of tooth decay and gingivitis in children also eat the food every day again.

Often children like fizzy drinks, high sugar, sweet foods such as candy, cakes, fast food … These foods have large amounts of bacteria to attract, more because young children , self-awareness of oral hygiene is poor rather than adults. After eating, do not clean your teeth immediately. This causes plaque build up plus long-term buildup of food that is not cleaned with acid in saliva to create bad bacteria that are bad for oral health. Minor bacteria will cause tooth decay. Tooth decay is not treated. It causes inflammation, especially gingivitis, with signs such as: swollen redheads on the gums, even gums, ulcers, bleeding, Pink to red if severe gum will turn dark red.

When the baby has severe gum disease that she does not treat the baby, the phenomenon of bone loss is gradually leading to tooth loss that will cause tooth loss will occur soon. This not only affects the health of children, but also affects the aesthetics of the mouth and face later. You should take your child to the dental clinic to see the doctor, consultants as well as provide effective treatment. vietnam dentist prices

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