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Fever accompanied by sweating or chills caused by teeth in Vietnam

Ngày đăng: 2018/12/14 at 2:31 Sáng

Fever accompanied by sweating or chills caused by teeth in Vietnam, eating is a very necessary work should be done 2-3 times / day to help keep teeth whitening, healthy and fragrant. However, should you brush your teeth after eating? Should you brush your teeth after eating? As you say, most people think that brushing after eating is the best solution to remove bacteria and food plaque on our teeth. However, the dentist said that while eating, drinking is finished when your teeth are most vulnerable.  This means that the decision to self-dislodge must be made. During the period in the mixture. Should not be able to prevent other forms of normal growth or in turn permanent teeth treatment plan, can still change as adults. The length of the treatment depends largely on the quality of the bone today. Periodic treatment usually lasts about 2 to 6 months.

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How deep is the dentition?

Tooth decay is one of the commonest diseases in many people. The main cause of tooth decay is due to improper care and oral hygiene, leading to the formation of bacteria that cause tooth decay. Symptoms of tooth decay are divided into 3 stages: deep yeast, shallow deep and deep ivory. If the cavity is yellow or dark brown, then you are deep and shallow treatment should be treated promptly. vietnam dentist prices

Therefore, when you have a dental insect, you should quickly go to the prestigious dental center to see the doctor and take timely corrective measures. If the tooth decay is mild, doctors will proceed to remove the tooth tissue and conduct the filling with Composite material. In case of deep black teeth, pulp is inflamed, you need to clean the pulp. When the tooth pulp is removed, the doctor will fill the pulpot and use porcelain teeth to cover the crown so that the tooth lasts longer.

Depending on the specific condition and level of tooth decay, your doctor will provide appropriate treatment to overcome the problem of tooth decay. Therefore, you should go to I-DENT Dental Clinic to directly examine and treat tooth decay in time, avoid the impact on health.

How to prevent tooth decay?

The teeth are very small, if you use the toothpick to get out of the tooth is easy to hurt the gums and enamel. Therefore, using dental floss for oral hygiene is the best remedy to eliminate germs.

Use a thin brush to effectively clean the teeth. This is a way to prevent deep teeth. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Use mouthwash to increase the effectiveness of cleaning teeth.

Periodontal examination and shaving every 6 months for early diagnosis of tooth decay, if any.

Deviant teeth, often with food, you can cover porcelain teeth or braces to improve the aesthetics to better teeth, restricting food interstitial.

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