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people before and gods then thank the teeth in Vietnam

Ngày đăng: 2019/02/01 at 3:54 Sáng

people before and gods then thank the teeth in Vietnam, structured as follows: Implant: It is shaped like a screw, made of titanium with high compatibility for the human body so when inserted into the jaw does not occur excretion or irritation. The implant serves as a real root, supporting the porcelain teeth restorated above. Abutment: A link between the implant and the upper denture. Once the implant has successfully integrated, attach the fixed abutment. Abutment acts as a dentin to hold soft tissue inside the real teeth. Loss of bone Tooth loss is one of the major causes of bone loss. Teeth help maintain and support the jaw, which can be compared to the exercise that helps maintain and support muscle health. You can see this in people wearing false teeth, when they take out jaws for cleaning. As a result, the jaw bone tends to be depleted, causing the tooth to melt away, looking at the aging face a lot.

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Implant placement is a method of growing dentures are encouraged by doctors, but many patients are still worried because of pain in the process. With a 10-minute procedure for dental implants, the procedure will be comfortable and comfortable. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

The method of implant insertion can restore lost teeth with a full complement of teeth and crowns as well as the function of chewing teeth identical to real teeth. Implant implants will be implanted into the jaw tissue to replace the front teeth. After a period of time, the jawbone and the implant are integrated into each other, the dental porcelain will be restored to form a complete tooth.

Implant placement does not hurt the patient because this is done after the doctor has performed a local anesthetic into the area to be treated or even anesthetized. When implant placement occurs, your mouth only feels numb and painless. After completing the procedure, the patient will also be prescribed a pain reliever for home use, reducing the feeling of pain when the anesthetic is given.

In case of implant or implant, the patient will undergo general anesthesia and perform necessary tests. Plugging is also done in a large hospital without having to do a few stacks. This reduces the duration of treatment for patients, reduces prolonged antibiotics, does not suffer pain many times.

In fact, the procedure of implantation of painless implants lasts only 10 minutes when the doctor performs the jaw bone and puts the cylinder inside so the patient does not have to suffer from long-term discomfort. vietnam dentist prices

At the same time, I-DENT Dentist team is highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced with many different dental implants. There are also facilities and facilities to support the implantation of modern implants, ensuring accurate diagnosis and treatment for patients’ health.

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