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no wife can be happy tooth in Vietnam

Ngày đăng: 2019/04/23 at 7:06 Sáng

no wife can be happy tooth in Vietnam, make porcelain aesthetic teeth will be sensitive, you should pay attention to eating situations and oral hygiene. How often do teeth aesthetically erect teeth depends on the care of your teeth after restoration dental care after aesthetic dental porcelain. After aesthetic teeth, you should stay away from food too hard, eat cold food, avoid hot food, cold teeth cause irritation, causing more pain. To relieve pain, you can use analgesic or salt water, ice cream. The pain will gradually improve and disappear within a few days if you have a good oral care policy. Wisdom teeth are the 4 maxillary teeth in the upper jaw and upper jaw. They are the last teeth that usually appear in late teens or early 20s. The wisdom teeth usually protrude through the gums without causing any symptoms, but sometimes the teething process can cause pain or achiness especially when they do not have enough room to grow or grow.

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Main types of loss of frontal incisors

How to deal with the loss of front teeth must always be based on the specific characteristics of missing teeth.

Lower jaw incision adjacent vietnam dentist prices

It is often possible to encounter the following tooth loss situations:

– loss of one tooth

– missing two consecutive incisors or incisors

– loss of three consecutive incisors or incisors

– It takes four incisors

– Loss of orthodontic or complete root canal.

Accordingly, there will be suitable and optimal processing directions.

The direction of treatment for loss of front teeth

Normally, we understand that if you lose the front teeth, then planted. However, due to the loss of the incisors are many different types, so if you want to overcome the optimal and most economical need based on the specific tooth loss.

If a tooth is lost, it is best to re-implant the implant. Do not do need teeth because when the bridge to replant a missing teeth will be forced to grind to two healthy crowns on both sides.

– If two adjacent teeth adjacent to the bridge should not be used as it may have to grind 2-3 teeth and make the bridge to 5 teeth. But if you plant two Implant, the cost will be quite high. Therefore, if two implants cannot be placed, only one implant can be placed in combination with a 2 or 3 ceramic bridge. In case of two adjacent tooth loss, it is best to plant two implants.

Cases of loss of front teeth Saigon Vietnam dental implants

– If the loss of four teeth, it is recommended to place two dental implants combined 4 bridge teeth to save costs.

– If the tooth loss is complete root teeth, the restoration of teeth only directly. If the root is missing, the root need to be removed in the case of restoration by implant technique.

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